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08/24/200,Greg Ratajik

      Most of the pics on this sight are from the original Direwolf server.  That server was primarily the internal gamming (Quake!) server for the first three years, and my personal test server for the last couple of years.  Everything is as it has been for the last few years, except I've added a bunch of pictures of the "last" days of the company.

  Well, every developer in these pictures is now gone. I tried hanging on (six years as of Oct. 15!), but just can't do it anymore.  All the promise of the technology is gone now.  What's left of the company is focused on the Patents and the Mortgage processing company (neither of which use the $50+ million/5 years worth software).  It's too bad; some of the stuff written wasn't that great, but some of it was... amazing.  Neither of these two focuses are interesting to me.  Since the beginning of the year, some internal effort (Terry Sabol, Karon Heap, Bala until he left, and myself) had been made to move forward with the software, but without a lot of success.  

    Warning to those that worked at Affinity for a long time: I've already had some bad reactions to some of the pictures.  The destruction of what was once a thriving, fun, exciting company is pretty complete.  Seeing that destruction isn't fun for some.  I've been cushioned by it over the last 6 months, as it's been a slow destruction.  In a way, it helped me finally leave.  The company I had worked for for so long, and so hard, was no longer around anymore - gone in that the great people that MADE that company were gone, and physically gone, as you'll see from some of the pictures.

   If you have any old Affinity pictures, or comments on this site, please e-mail to affinity@ratajik.net

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