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WebWacker allows administrators and Web developers to test their web pages and applications under various types of loads.  It can be used to determine how web applications and servers perform when many simultaneous requests are made, how they behave over a period of time, or both.

An example would be several hundred calls on the same Perl script on a server, repeating the call 5,000 times, or making as many calls as possible over a hour.  This allows developers to determine how their applications will behave under heavy load, detecting concurrency problems, bottle necks, and memory leaks.

Version 1.0 is Shareware.  The unregistered version will allow you to make up to 10 simultaneous calls, and will make calls for up to 10 minutes, or 50 iterations (500 calls total).  The registered version has no restrictions.

Version 2.0 is currently in development.  It will allow a cluster of WebWackers to work together to make thousands for calls in parallel.

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