The AffinityCAM has closed as of Feb. 3, 2002.


    The owner of the AffinityCAM has finally left Affinity, the home of the AffinityCAM.  Right now, I know of no other WebCAM with the same view that the AffinityCAM has provided Columbia for the last Five years.  I know a lot of people used it to see what was going on down town (and for those that moved away, what the weather was like in S.C., etc.)  If you know of a solid camera in Columbia, let me know.  It's been a pleasure to provide this service to the past employees and families of Affinity, and for the downtown area.

    For more information about Affinity (and the destruction of a tech company), look here.  For more information about me, check this out.

    For the original AffinityCAM home page, as it was the last day, look here.  It's been a good run (Started in 1996), it's just to bad the company isn't around enough to even have the camera up :)

    There ARE some decent Traffic cameras in Columbia now, you can see them all at my Columbia Traffic Cam's page.

                        -Greg Ratajik, 2/03/02