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SunPump     SunPump uses WinAmp's Visualization plug-ins to visualize sun spots since 1749
COWPump 2/21/01 Windows95/Win2K COWPump uses WinAmp's Visualization plug-ins to visualize a Distributed.net clients performance
VisInterface 2/21/01 Windows95/Win2K VisInterface provides a simple method to use WinAmp's Visualization plug-ins to visualize any type of data.
IPLeash 12/30/00 Windows95/Win2K Keep webpages in sync with a moving IP
WebWacker 9/28/99 Windows 95/NT Load Test a Web Server
OneLine 11/14/99 Windows 95/NT Util to merge a file into one line.
NetMonitor 3/17/99 Windows 95/NT Montior a RAS connection.
NetLauncher Not Released Windows 95/NT Not Available
NetPresence Not Released Windows 95/NT Not Available
ChatterBox 12/1/94 OS/2 2.0+ One line "chat" program.
NetBlast 12/12/94 OS/2 2.0+ Send net messages, and control who it's from. (also allows multiple sends on one call).
NetChat 6/15/94 OS/2 2.0+ Chat program.
NetSend 9/13/93 OS/2 2.0+ Send net messages (normal)
AniButton 11/3/94 OS/2 2.0+ 2 state Animated push buttons (source)
VidButton 6/10/94 OS/2 2.0+ multi-state Animaged push buttons (source)
PowerThreads 5/24/94 OS/2 2.0+ window queue/threading solution for OS/2
ChkPath 9/11/93 OS/2 1.3+ Check to make sure a environment variable (PATH, LIBPATH) is valid (VERY helpfull for OS/2 1.3
EasyPlay 5/24/94 OS/2 2.0+ Play any time of multimedia file.  Search a drive for all multimedie files
Parallax 8/29/95 OS/2 2.0+ DIVE parrallax scroll example (source)
Diver 9/9/98 OS/2 2.0+ OS/2 video game
DD 3/14/94 OS/2 2.0+ Delete Directory (and sub's)
PWH 9/16/93 OS/2 2.0+ Path'd Where (Search environment variable like PATH or INCLUDE for a file)
MkCMD 9/11/93 OS/2 2.0+ Make .cmd files for scanning files
MMD 9/16/93 OS/2 2.0+ Multiple Make Directory

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